Estonian Union of Credit Cooperatives

Estonian Union of Credit Cooperatives (Union of Estonian Savings and Loan Associations) is a representative body of credit cooperatives (savings and loan associations) in the Republic of Estonia. The aim of the union is to further the credit cooperatives and to represent their interests in internal institutions as well as those of the European Union and in rest of the world.

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What is credit cooperative?

Each member of the credit cooperative will have one vote at the General Meeting, irrespective of its contribution to the cooperative’s capital. All other financial and credit institutions have a narrow ownership and high-paid management that makes management decisions for the financial institution, but also profit-sharing decisions.

Deposit Guarantee Fund

The Deposit Guarantee Fund (DGF) is established by the members of the EUCC. DGF will ensure deposits of up to EUR 20,000 by members of the credit cooperatives of the EUCC which have joined the Fund. Deposits will be guaranteed only in the member cooperatives which have entered into a contract with the Fund and make regular payments to it.

Members of the Union of Credit Cooperatives

EUCC has seven member credit cooperatives.


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Estonian Union of Credit Cooperatives

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